Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Manifestations

Its Spring here, that's for sure! We have had beautiful nature walks through the Danville and Berkeley hills and are thoroughly loving being in the growth mode that this season seems to bring with it.

This Spring I've joined up with Pixie Campbell and the lovelies at SouLodge to really bring things into being that have been in planning stages for 8 months. I have been patiently culling my talents in every area of my 42 years to bring into manifestation this new project.

With the tools of clarity, vision, and motivation I have moved baby steps from the first inkling that this was my new direction. With the support of friends, family and every open ear available to me I have been bolstered. With the loyalty of the people I have around me I know we're going to go happily skipping and singing, painting and dreaming into our future!

Basking in the support of the tribe at SouLodge, Book of Days and my nearest and dearest I'll be crafting, arting and journalling my experience so that I can look back at this accomplishment and help my friends manifest their biggest dreams.

I'll have a little video up later this week giving you a little hint of what's going on with me... just know that every single person is a creative being... yes, even YOU. I read this article recently on the Wall Street Journal by Jonah Lehrer called How to be Creative (find the link here). He talks about how Creativity is not an inborn thing (just like I'm always saying) its a thing which is developed and can be sparked. Creativity is sometimes just a glass of wine away...

With that in mind, I'll leave you until later this week...

Now go get YOUR CRAFT ON!!!

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