Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Afternoon Check In... progress is being made

Afternoon Check In

Posted 24 minutes ago

Hi everyone, wow, what a journey. I always want to start the update with the biggest HUG for this group and everyone who you all have talked to about my sister. The reminder that we don't get to decide the "HOW" this is going to work out, just focus on the result, the notes about how you all feel better while sending love to Florida and the cheer from one of Stacey's best friend Julee... "GO Stace! GO Liver!" rah, rah rah... it's all really helping...

Stacey is still in ICU under heavy sedation and a lot of meds... and yes, the ventilator. Gary just met with a doctor that checks people out of ICU and he would like to slowly start getting her out of sedation and work with the ventilator to get her breathing on her own. This is clearly the most important thing to focus on right now. Hopefully this will be smooth and successful. They are starting to slowly take her out of sedation now, so we're kind of hanging back letting her come out of sedation and into a nice, peaceful sleep. My mom said she opened her eyes a little, but not having us hovering over her is probably the best thing. Sleep heals alot...

Earlier today I thought of Stacey and what she would be saying to me right now. It sounded something like this..."Duh, don’t you think I want to get out of here more than you guys? Just chill, I’m working on it, I just need a little time. Hey guys, do you think I want to be like this? I’m still hanging in there, right? Just let me get through this and we’ll get out of here soon! This is my deal and I’ll do it how I need to do it…”

My response is “All right dude. We’re here for backup if you need it, but remember don’t make everything you do a total chore because you think there is some glory in struggle. Make this as easy as you can for yourself! Oh yeah, I love you.”

PS - she hasn't seen the new Harry Potter movie yet, so that is motivation enough :) more updates to follow... Marcey

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