Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning Update for Stacey Ballard

New Update

Posted 3 hours ago

It's very early PT, but already 7:30 AM ET. My mom and I just went upstairs to see how Stacey did last night and she did well. The one new piece of information right now is that she has some rumbling in her breathing. They were checking last night to see if mucus was building up in her lungs, but said that your organs respond differently after a transplant and respond to the ventilator. Right now her lungs are a little weak and need more time to heal. They will keep her on the ventilator today and sedated.

It's extremely hard to see her like this, but we know that this is part of what is in 'the plan'. It's hard not to hope for certain things to happen at a certain time or sequence, so surprises are hard. We need to let her heal in the manner that Stacey is going to heal and love, support and pray for her each step of the way, every minute of every day.

So, to all friends and loved one's, please again close your eyes, picture Stacey being completely healthy in a beautiful, gold radiant light. Picture everything functioning perfectly in her body, she's happy and receiving all blessings. She needs our strength right now, this is for sure.

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." -- Helen Keller

Thanks to everyone who is reading this and passing along Stacey's journey right now to others. We are getting through this recovery together, through support and love and a hell of a medical team... - marcey

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