Monday, October 4, 2010

Something was missing...

Since I moved into my new studio I've been loving how organized everything is... a place for everything

And, how crisp white walls really make all of the mixed media paintings I've been working on POP!

I've been busy with Crafting my Best Life with Jenny Doh,

Dreaming up new Brave GRRRRLZ classes for this Fall and Winter

Plus Making Mermaids in SuziSkool... oh its all too much fun, to be SURE!

not to mention getting Demented with deMeng

I've been playing around with my friend Amanda's recipes and 
fixing some fantastic new raw things, too. 

Jazzee has found her spot in the studio

and Old DelilahAnne has hers... 

Alexia is back at school

 and Simon, as always, is hard at work making the tough stuff look easy... i mean c'mon, its tough to be THIS cool! 

 I'm feeling the vibes of our recent trip to Montana leaving a smile on my heart and settling in...

all is cozy in Herrmann Land to be sure, but one thing is missing...

And that one thing is teaching... I'm missing interacting with students. I love the feeling of helping someone to discover a new tool for creativity. I love the feeling of using creativity to overcome the obstacles in a class project. Moving through the rough patches helps me to really learn the troubleshooting aspect to gaining a new skill and I like that part... so I called my friend Gina... lovely and talented Gina of Tangerine (and other) Fame... and asked her if she could SQUEEEEEEZE me into the schedule someplace and we found a Sunday spot... a few weeks away.

Sunday, October 17th 11am - 4pm here in the East Bay let's make a little art...melt a little metal... have a little giggle and generally GET OUR CRAFT ON!!!

 If you're interested shoot me an email julee at heartcollective dot com and I'll send you details to get you all signed up! :)


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  1. Julee,
    So fun to read about your new home, new work and your sweet family. It looks like you are settled and happy ready to create lovely work. Keep it up!


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