Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Ghoulish Gown

Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax Gown circa. 1983Added an underskirtTea bathDoggy Inspector looks worried!Out of the tea bath and driedMommy working out some design ideas
Those glasses are just to keep my hair back *ahem*Why the uber close up? I dunno...I may be getting fed up now, dear!Ok, that's enough now... go away... I have a hot glue gun...STOP IT!Post production
Loving all of the rich textures and colorsDoggy inspector is backYou make this for me?Cozy!Mmmm Grrrr *giggle*Ahhh this is the life!
Now! Get COZIER!!!This part is lumpy!What? Not for me??? Hmph!Creepy babyDSC_7739floaty, glowing, ghost girl 1840
One Ghoulish Gown, a set on Flickr.
Here are my process photos of making Alexia's "Victorian Ghost Girl" costume. To see the rest of the pictures - particularly of my ghoulish girl - click that One Ghoulish Gown link and head over to flickr.

We had such a fun time plotting and planning this costume. Way more fun than the trip to the Spirit Store where we mostly had to talk about how she was NOT going to dress up as the Baby Hoochie Mama! LOL

The end results were a creep-tastic gown that she won't soon forget!

Go get your CRAFT ON!

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  1. OOoooOOOooo what an awesome Halloween costume!!! LOVE the photos and can't wait to see which ones you'll be using in the future!
    You're such a cool mama!!!


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