Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Of Mermaids and Muses

I love a challenge, don't you? I mean, not the "do the dishes before the neighbor arrives" kind of challenge, but the "Hey, Julee, will you make my little girl into a fairy?" kind of challenge!

Uh... I don't even have to try, Miss Lady, your kid is already a FAIRY... LOOK!

For this piece, I sketched out my little friend on a piece of 140 lb. hot press water color paper, colored her with a few different mediums one of which was my Inktense Blocks from Derwent, added my favorite Art Institute Extra Fine Glitter in Screamin' Pink (my name not theirs ;) and white, a few star shaped beads, heart shaped confetti and little tiny paper flowers. A few finishing touches left and a finishing spray sealant, but this challenge is pretty much a wrap! Three days of work that was PURE BLISS and only a tiny bit challenge!

Now GO get YOUR craft ON!!!


  1. you did an AMAZING job!!! I love challenges too =)


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!