Thursday, April 22, 2010

Robots have TAKEN OVER HeArt Collective and Tangerine!

We have an announcement!!! 

What "we" you ask

Oh, me and my friend Lil HeArtbot...

We visited the Sweetest Place in Dublin yesterday and the HeArtbot was so happy to be among his own kind! Before we get too far into that story, let's get to our announcement....


Lil HeArtbot picked the winner for the Yellow Giveaway... 
and it is none other than the Lovely and Talented
Miss Ali... come and collect your glowing eyed skull - wooooohoooo

Who will be the winner for the GREEN giveaway... remember to leave a comment on this blog post to be included in the Random Number Generated drawing!


Things are lovely this time of year at the Herrmann House... Here's my little one jumping for joy and taking in the goodness that is springtime

Of course I was trying to get her to stand still to take some sweet pictures of her so all she would do was "pretend to be a kitty" ahhhh to be 6 again!

Ok... so...
While we're on the subject of *GREEN*

and in the interest of REUSING and RECYCLING
The Lil HeArtBot was feeling adventurous and got to see many foreign lands and wanted someone to share his memories with so he put me to work...

I reused the same papers that I had used to create him, but in a new order... 

We pulled out our trusty Cricut Expression (how cool is this thing???)
and the NEW from Provo Craft Robotz cartridge. We cut out eyes and wheels, screens, antennae, arms and all sorts of body parts...

Busted out the glitter glue (why you ask? Why NOT!)

By the end of the day Lil HeArtBot had a new friend... Tangerine she's quite a DreamBot (pun intended... get it?? :D)


Then the sweetest place in Dublin was just a little sweeter... We let DreamBot stay at Tangerine to keep Gina company!

Are you inspired? I know I am... 


  1. That is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time!! His little tiny arms and his cute little face! Just cute.
    And thanks to you and the Random Happiness Generator for the fun stuff!! :)

  2. LOL cute post. That looks like so much fun. And you know I love how you work that Cricut. Had me pulling out my dinosaur Cricut for fun! LOL

  3. Cute robot! I like cute ones rather than black and silver and scary. :) I just noticed I think I have the fabric used to make the horses there.

  4. So cute! I LOVE those little guys!! And working with the Cricut!! Ah...I never did take mine out of the box and decided to sell it and all of the cartridges. Decluttering was more powerful than adding more projects to my already full list (:

    PS...the photo of your daughter was perfect!Action shots are full of life and show the true sweet and lovely (:

  5. Is the the cruicut gone Julee style? It is so cute. Cindy

  6. Hi there! Elsie WINNER of the Orange Give A Way here! Thanks so much for the box of orange crafty loveliness! My daughter snagged the uber cool headband - the gorgeous ribbon went in my stash and I've been using the rest of the goodies in my art therapy supply box - many lovely creations by several of my child patients have already resulted! thankyouthankyouthankyou!!


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!