Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Captured CHARM

An artful evolution. These little tiny charms all linked together started life as a danglie for a larger pendant when one day an on looker said... what if you linked a few of those together... What If? Well, I guess that would turn into a bracelet, wouldn't it? There you have it... link a few lovely charms together and make a bracelet... wanna play???

Bring your favorite bits of words and tiny images and a nice pair of scissors (or nothing at all) and join me for a day of jewelery making. I always provide the tools and toys for plenty of fun! I'll teach you the art of soldering and show you how to Capture that Sentiment in a way that causes your friends and family to ooooh and ahhhh.

Can't wait to get started... check your calendars, make a reservation and come play!

April 25th 10 – 3 at Tangerine in Dublin 925-548-8447
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May 23rd 11:00 – 4:00 at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley 510-559-9929

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  1. May I please just say what exquisite, charming, resplendent pay-pal buttons you have there Miss? A thing of beauty to the eye, a joy to the heart. Love you, love your buttons.

  2. Love the porcelain dolls you have that beautiful bracelet on!

  3. This bracelet is gorgeous. Such a fun fantasy.

  4. Would you be willing to do a e-mail class on the"Captured charm" porcelain bracelet? I live in Texas. So, It would be hard to make your class.

  5. Okay, so call me silly but are your classes in Flordia? I am a true admirer of Sally Jean and have long to take a class of hers but just unable to get that far. Have long looked for someone here in florida to take a class from and have found no one thats work I have found that even comes close to hers. And.... now I happened upon you in my search. Makes me extremely happy!!!! Please let me know. I live in central florida but do not mind the drive Geanie


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!