Thursday, March 25, 2010

Muse, musical, makin' a MESSY dress and MORE MORE MORE!

Some days I wonder what my muse is...

where DO these ideas come from?

Other days its more obvious. 
Tilty headed girls... I guess Jazmine was the muse in that case!

This week was a little different than most... we had a performance to attend for our little kitty cat... it was the K & 1st Grade musical production of The Elves and the Shoemakers (and all of their pets!) So, instead of heading to Dublin's own DARLING Tangerine I made faces... 

While I was at home doodling girls with Jazee Alexia was at school anticipating her big debut! 

That's my little thespian standing front and center! She did a fantastic job and I love that she LOVES playing in drama class! (I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree *ahem*)
I'm so proud of her for trying something new and being BRAVE and ROCKIN' it! 

Alexia's bravery to try something new finally convinced me to try something I was feeling VERY tentative about... spray painting on a BRAND NEW DRESS... like buy a perfectly good dress from the store and potentially WRECK IT??? yup... before I even GOT to Tangerine I got BRAVE!

I saw the idea on Alisa Burke's blog (which I check daily for inspirations!). she was using my new favorite tool... in fact I own A DOZEN of these Tulip paint cannons that my friend Traci Bautista did a great video tutorial for that you can check out for super fun fashion graffiti tips for using the tool.

I use the paint cannons with fabric paint on paper, fabric, journals, the dog... just kidding! But really they're so fun you'll start making your own stencils and spray painting everything... they're soo cool! Did I mention how fun they are? :)

Here's the dress:

Now, Let's get our CRAFT ON!!!

Of course, I'm taking this picture at night... in my messy studio AND i'm not even 100% sure i'm done graffitiing my dress... PLUS i'm not properly accessorized, but that's the sneaky peak!

Ok... If you're still with me you deserve a PRIZE!!! And I have a FANTASTIC one for you this week... check it out! In honor of the Red Queen and all things HeArt (red being my fave color) I'm giving away a huge bag of RED mixed media collage elements... like this

and this


and the tippee top topper

some of this:

If you leave a comment on my blog that includes information to get a hold of you... next week I'll do the randomizer thingy again and pick a winner for these goodies and ship 'em on out to you!!!

Thanks, again, to my sweet friends at Glitter and Grunge for the promo on their site... I just LOVE helping out my fellow creator and Claire makes that a dream!
Ask last week's winner Lora Oliver about how she loves those game pieces! :)

Well, that's about it from here... 
Let's get our CRAFT on!!!


  1. Great post, Julee! This give-away looks like such fun! Red is not a color that I often use and I'm trying to make myself branch out more, so this would be super to win.

  2. LOVE that you actually went ahead an graffiti'd your brand new dress I think it looks amazing!!

  3. okay....i am SO loving your grafitti dress! it looks GREAT!!! really fun idea!!!

    please enter me in this RED HOT give away!!!

    my email is:

    happy tuesday

  4. hey julee love the dress. Alexia is in the play at del rey? How cute!! love your blog

  5. That graffiti stuff looks really fun. Don't get me started on anything new! :)

  6. The game pieces were awesome!! I can't wait for some downtime to play with them. Thanks, again, Julee!

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  8. Great post Julee. I want to enter :-)


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