Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A happy ending... or is it the beginning?

I'm there... I'm at *THAT* Part... the part where i've been building up to, we have had the challenges and after all that has been overcome I get to share my passion for creating with people from around the corner, around the country and around the globe... technology is so amazing and I love being able to make use of it.

Since 2004 I have been passionately blazing a trail starting from my little desk in the corner of one of our bedrooms with a baby accompanying my every decision. I began uncovering my passion for teaching. It was like lighting the Christmas tree for the first time of the season or like the first tulips of Spring... I knew it was special to me and the start of something self defining. This is no epiphany... this is just simply the realization that *THIS* is my thing... teaching. Encouraging. Imparting SPARK (and sparkle!). Helping others to polish up, dust off or uncover their own inner creator. 

With the help of my friends and family and he encouragement of mentors along the way I have gotten to this little ole place... many many many artists have gotten here before me and a whole 'nuther load are coming with me and hopefully, with any luck my job will become something that is just common and a known necessity.

Can you imagine people saying remember when we only dreamed of such fancies as these...

I can.

So, Thursdays are about talking about upcoming workshops... guess what? Mine is up and coming...

People #2

 I have the help of "The People" (People #2 and People #3 really are my biggest cheerleaders!) friends and family, the support of an amazing network of artists and technicians, many friends online and in person who are right there giving me the nudge... nudges like "Let me help you..."

So I took them up on the help and now I get to play with girls in Texas or Pennsylvania, Austria or San Diego, CA oh and Boys are allowed to play, too... I'm an equal opportunity to entertainer :)

Now its time to dream a bigger dream, wouldn't you say? mmmm what's next... How about teaching in Bali? Paris? oooooh I know! Italy....

Now Let's get OUR CRAFT on!!! (see how that's different?) ;)



  1. oh.

    did i say...

    YEAH ME!!!

    i'm really that excited and I hope you'll come join me....
    i'm super accessible, i mean, have ya met me?


  2. Oh, aren't you just wonderful?!? I just you through Heartwing Sisters and love your enthusiasm. You actually had me checking out all the supplies for your class before I remembered that right now, I have a 101 projects going and cannot take on anything else. But maybe some day... I'll definitely be back to visit!! Hugs, Silke

  3. OMGosh Girl!! You are so wonderful and a natural in front of the camera! And WHAT A SUPER FUN TEACHER YOU ARE!!! I loved your frozen charolette part :) Thank heavans for all of us who want to learn, that you followed YOUR DREAM!


  4. Way to go Julee you're beautiful inside and out!! Gorgeous Photo!

  5. SOOO proud of you Julee!! From my view, you've come so far so fast. Burma wasn't that long ago right? The camera loves you (and indeed it should- there's a lot to love!). I'm taking a class from you soon too...xox marites

  6. Wow, so nice to get to see you doing your thing! You really ARE a natural at this, and you're GAWGIOUS,too! What a nice surprise to see you dropped by on my blog. It's been such a long time and I've been barely checked in, so I was glad I dropped by tonight and saw your hello. Best of luck and lots o' Love! xoxo Serena


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!