Monday, March 16, 2009

New Soldering Artists Charming on the Coast!

These artists amazed me!  Some of them have taken my soldered pendants class before, but a few of these women had NEVER soldered before today... check out their work!  Seriously?  I was stunned!  Composition, creativity and execution were all really beautiful...

Luna's last classes for me were bitter sweet... I loved seeing my beautiful friends and hanging out with them sipping wine and giggling and unfolding life's wonders and every once in a while this little pang would hit me... I won't be back here... This is the last time I'm teaching in this easy, wonderful place.... and then I would see two of the ladies working together to resolve an issue of a lost feather, or how to place this little rusty bit just right and I would be so thrilled to have worked with them over the last several months.  What a lucky girl I am!  

I get to teach this same project in a whole new place that is rumored to have just as wonderful a network of ladies... Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley will be hosting me this Saturday and I can't wait!  

My friend Connie who I know from Luna's will be teaching there on Sunday and I know she's going to dazzle them!  Bringing some of the Coastside Love into the East Bay warms my heart and I can't wait to see her successes!


  1. Julie you're right-these pieces are very good. I was sorry to have missed this class-I would have taken it again in a heart-beat!
    Thanks for saying nice things about me. Good Luck on Saturday! Have a blast!
    Hugs to you.

  2. Hi Julee, I love your blog! I always enjoy seeing your new posts, even though I don't always leave a comment. What makes your blog so outstanding is the way that you combine your gorgeous artwork with tidbits about your personal life! It all comes together so well, great job! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I found your beautiful blog through our facebook connection! These are gorgeous.

    Take care,


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