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In DOG we Trust included in Lafayette Gallery's newest show

In DOG we Trust
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"Feathers, Fur and Fins,” the new exhibition at the Lafayette Gallery, honors the creatures large and small that enrich our lives. The show is open from June 1st to August 15th, 2009. Upon entering the gallery, the viewer is greeted by a multitude of animal companions, dogs, cats, chickens, and horses all parade before your eyes. The myriad artists experiences with the world of creatures great and small are all reflected in the artists’ personal interpretations . Through the medium of paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, ceramics and mixed media works, the artists draw us into their world. In this exhibition, respect, love, joy, humor and praise are all in evidence for our fur, feathered and finned companions.

Nancy Hartley's’ cat, Hercules, is shown in all his feline glory. Maggie Lucas Hills’, painting on silk, glorifies the grace of horses galloping free. Jeannette Baird paints dog portraits which are filled with the personality of each dog portrayed. Sherry Smith Bells’ print, “Pick Me,” illustrates the dilemma of trying to chose a pet from a litter of adorable golden retriever puppies.

On Artists Market Day, Saturday, July11th, an animal caricature artist will be available to draw your beloved pet
As a special feature during the show, the community is invited to bring in pet photos and related quips to be posted on the gallery’s bulletin board. Let the gallery visitor enjoy your stories of life with your pet. The show co-chairman, Hilary Lambert Mills, comments, “They are our friends and our family. They comfort us when the world seems cold and indifferent. They celebrate with us when we are happy. They make us laugh and cry. And their passing takes a toll that non-pet owners can never understand.”

On Saturday, August 8th., the last Artists Market Day, a drawing will take place from entries posted on the galleries bulletin board. Two lucky winners may choose an artists portrait of their pet as a special prize. During the exhibition, a portion of the gallery sales will be donated to the Animal Rescue Foundation to benefit our creatures, great and small.

For further information contact show co-chairman,
Hilary Lambert Mills, at
or Susan Erickson, at

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