Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3 Cheers for Stacey...

After midnight Monday - July 27th

Posted 11 hours ago

Today is he first full day Stacey has been on the new, very potent, anti-rejection drug. It works by depressing her immune system so as not to reject her new, fabulous liver. It also has some bad side effects which Stacey felt today...headache, nausea, weakness..generally lousy. This week'a blood tests will tell whether the drug is working or not. GOOD NEWS: Stacey was breathing plain ole' air on her own much of the day. GO LUNGS!! Tonight she has the respirator, to help her sleep and rest. Stacey's blood sugar, pulse, blood pressure are important vitals, and are steady. GO VITALS!! Pain meds are being adjusted down...a good sign too. Amy is staying with her overnight, and Mom/Dad/Gary take over in the morning. Marcey is back home now with her guys. We miss seeing all of you. Mayo is super-vigilant and very caring. The Best.

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