Sunday, July 26, 2009

Go Stacey GOOO!!!

7/26 - AM Update

Posted 2 hours ago

Good morning,
Stacey slept very well through the night last night, Amy was with her (Amy only slept about 4 hours). The doctors talk about the importance of Stacey sleeping at night and being awake during the day because the hospital can be a little disorientating.

The plan today is to give her time off the vent, like she did yesterday, and get her to take a couple of steps. Hopefully with a good night sleep, she'll be ready to be move around more today.

I'm heading back home today to see my guys (Cliff, Evan and Ryan). I miss them terribly, but also am sad to be leaving. Amy is here until Wednesday and my parents are here "until" as Dr Phil says... until Stacey gets out of the hospital, until she gets settled at home, until she is ready to do things on her own with Gary. Stacey also has two BEST friends that want to come out, that may give my parents a break after she gets home and settled (Thank you Julie and Teresa). Stacey would LOVE to see you guys :)

Thanks everyone for being such a support system for me, Stacey and the family during this time. This "Hospital / ICU" chapter of this story is over for me as I head home... now I'll be on the board posting messages instead of the writer (dad and mom taking over) and sending love from the WEST coast.

Love and Light,

"Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears." - Author Unknown

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