Saturday, July 25, 2009

yeah stace!!!

7/25 PM Update - Alive in Joy

Posted 5 hours ago

Gary and my mom are upstairs with Stacey right now, but called with a FANTASTIC update. In between our visits, the doctor came in today and made some changes to the ventilator and tubes that are attached. One thing that he did was unplug the ventilator to see how long she could breath on her own. It has been two hours and she is doing great! This is so incredible and uplifting, we could not ask for more today... but there is...

Stacey was also sitting up in a chair for 2 hours today which is a record for her. She has an incredible upside down "Y" incision starting from her chest running under each side of her ribs. To sit up after laying down for almost 7 days straight is painful and difficult with her incision, especially with all of the tubes going in and out of her... she is amazing.

Stacey is a huge fan of the artist Frida Kahlo, the artist who was wheelchair bound (remember the movie Frida?). In closing tonight I'll leave you with a quote from Frida and have a wonderful evening, friends...

"I drank because I wanted to drown my sorrows, but now the **** things have learned to swim.

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