Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How 29 Days of Giving Can Change Your Life

I have been involved with a movement that really has changed my outlook on life. Giving daily in 29 day cycles... noticing what happens in my world, realizing the gifts I receive, and beginning again...

I fell in love with this concept the first time I heard of it and started my first cycle of giving in September 2008. I got my family involved and we did all kinds of gives... handed out water to hot and thirsty road workers, dropped affirmation love notes into library books, called friends, passed out handmade jewelry and book marks, made dinners for neighbors, hugged and loved and noted gratitude.

I joined the movement because I love the idea of changing the world one tiny niceness at a time. I blogged in the 29 Gifts community and shared stories with my fellow givers each of us inspiring the other to continue and grow. Cami Walker, the movement's founder, found me on Facebook and I couldn't be more pleased that she did. Eventually Cami noticed that the development of this movement was costing her and reached out to the community to help defray some of the hard costs of running things. I offered to donate a few pendants to be used as giveaways to create more excitement about the community and 20% of the proceeds from the sales of my jewelry and workshops. 

Cami knows how to pay a girl back. When she wrote her NY Times Bestselling book How 29 Days of Giving Can Change Your Life she decided she would also launch a boutique of gifts to go along with the spirit of this movement. As luck would have it, she tapped me to create one of those gifts. A dainty little pendant on a 20" bead chain... 300 of them, in fact! I was thrilled to do it and now I can proudly say that I am a part of this movement. It makes my heart happy to see my handiwork shown along side several incredible talents. 

To see all of the lovely offerings and to learn more about the movement have a peek at


  1. such fun stuff and you make it look easy. i have always been afraid of jewelry making.

  2. God bless you, Julee! You've stayed with this the whole time! I joined a little after you and I stuck to it for about a round and a half. I fell away but have been wanting to get back to it ever since. It really brought alot of blessings into my life! It magnetized alot of goodness and joy in a time when I would have otherwise been very depressed. I heartily recommend it to anyone. Your pendants are great! They're fun and joyful and a perfect representative of the spirit of Cami and 29 Gifts! Many blessings to you in this New Year and always! XOXO Serena


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