Friday, December 21, 2007

Wing Challenge published

So, there I am, there I am, there I am... I'm sittin' there minding my own business when I get an email from my friend Karen in NYC that says something along the lines of "ummm do you have something published in this new Doll Crafter & Costuming magazine? I mean, its "altered art" and it has something like your name next to these winged baby shoes." My first response was no. I hadn't submitted anything nor had I been notified that I was going to have something published so I didn't think it could be me, but then I thought well, I do have those fab baby shoes of Lexee's that I stuck some wings on... OH! WINGS! THE WING CHALLENGE!!! WOOOH HOOOOO!!! IT MUST BE ME!!!

So, I took a deep breath and coyly emailed the UBER talented Jean Bernard of famous doll maker fame who's Yahoo group I belong to and asked her... "whatever became of that wing challenge we did earlier this year?" Well, she had forgotten all about it - as I had - and then she scanned and emailed the image you see at left! HEY, its real! That's my project that I did for Stacey's benefit this coming Spring! I had used Jean's technique to add to my altered shoe project and when I posted them to the group they all thought I should join in the challenge. I really didn't think I had a chance since it was a doll mag and I didn't use them in a way that would be appealing to doll enthusiasts, but I got an email from the editor and I sent her a picture I took and I never heard anything again.

Well, today I FINALLY was able to put my hands on the actual magazine and I'm so excited to announce that I have had one of my favorite projects published in a national magazine.

Thanks, to Jean Bernard and to Doll Crafter and Costuming!!!


  1. Absolutely FABULOUS, Jul!!! We're all so proud of you! Big HUGS and congrats! Marilyn

  2. Yeah Juls! Woo- hoo! What a way to cap off the year. I'm so excited for you.

    And I'm pleased to see that *YOU* went a little crazy shopping too! I'm right there with you ;-)

  3. Jules--
    OUTSTANDING!!!! I am so proud of you and yes girl, blow your own horn!


  4. thanks ladies!
    i really do appreciate the acknowledgment and the support - feels so good to know I have a good network of people around me.

  5. Julee,
    Congrat's you deserve it.
    I knew that as soon as other people got to see your artwork they would tell you the same thing I have been saying for are talented, creative and your artwork is amazing! Keep it up! Your on your way, this is just the begining of a great new adventure!
    Love & Light,


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