Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I should NOT be allowed out!

Ok, so, the picture at left is the pile of STUFF that I'm supposed to be wrapping right now. Those are the gifts from "Santa", mom and dad. The pile doesn't have the Leapster game that I already wrapped or the Barbie "Island Princess" doll we got her AND Tikka (the Island Princess's elephant and sidekick). The big thing in the back is also part of the Island Princess STUFF and has a vanity, a free standing screen/backdrop, a tea set, the little monkey from the show - the packaging boasts "OVER 20+ PLAY PIECES". The big peacock looking thing that's laying down is a dress just like Barbie's "big scene" costume in the Island Princess DVD that her Dad got her a few weeks ago. Now, here's where the confession rolls in... for those who don't know me personally you probably don't know that I have an aversion to all things Barbie and think that they are inappropriate for little girls... kind of like guns for boys... not really the stereo type I would like to smear all over my kid. And then I get out into the shopping crowd with my mom and I LOST MY MIND!!! The rest of the schwagg is all stuff that I can see me getting her... sparkley red ballet flats, pink faux Uggs, 2 pair of jammies and a baby digital camera. I'm overboard but still inside my body when I pick those things. Clearly, I should NOT be allowed out. When I pulled it all out to wrap I thought, I have to record this pile somewhere before its dispersed.

Ok, back to wrapping... I just had to get this off my chest!


  1. Oh girl--little girls will do that to you!! I know Lillie has more stuff in this house at 6 than my boys ever will at 16 and 11!!!! And it doesn't stop!!! How can you resist just one pair of pink boots???

  2. hey robin~
    thank you for your support! i'm glad to know that i'm not the only one to get sucked over to the dark side of consumerism! sheesh. the sad thing is that i only had 1 hour to shop and that included standing in line. i'm not sure what would have happened if i had more time. my mom is NO help she's just as bad as i am with all the cute all the time! thank the Gods this only happens once a year.

  3. Hey Julee, Same here! I so feel the same way about Barbie and don't expose her to the stuff as much as possible and she still requested a Barbie DVD which I did get her though it was from Santa. Anyway, I went nuts with her too. Girls are just way more fun to shop for than boys. Shhh...don't tell my son.

  4. Hey Julee! this is xtina from sfmeetup (felt atcs) and chel's collage meetup....i was laughing as soon as i saw all the pink and sparkly stuff! it brings backs memories...don't wish too fast for when they get bigger...my little 19 year old eyeliner princess has a way with "shopping" with me and i stilll get over excited, and end up spending MMMMMUUCCCHH more than when she was a tot! isn't fun to get lexee all that stuff? i love having girls!
    happy holidays


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