Thursday, February 19, 2009


Tunnel Book big secret!
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Tangerine, tangerine....Living Reflection From a Dream
I love the Tangerine song by Led Zepplin... but that's not at all what I'm talking about.. these words may have been the lyrics to a popular song back in the day, but they are just as relevent today when talking about my new favorite SHOPPY SHOPPE!

Tangerine is Gina Gabrielle's outta this world gifts and sweets shop in Dublin, CA. A week or so ago I treated myself to a wonderful day long class with the shop's talented proprietress and I floated out of there. In fact, if you've been within earshot of me you've heard me talk about the "tunnel book" that I put together in Gina's class... O M G!!! Talk about fantastic... I am trying to come up with a way to shrink myself down and live inside the dreamy little theaters!

Here is a picture of the one that I finished....

Seriously? Don't leave to look up the shrinking potion on Google... it won't do you any good! :P I've already tried...

I'm nearly recovered with my tunnel book obession and just in time too!

This weekend its my turn to share tips with the locals... I'm bringing my little soldered keepsakes to Gina's Tangerine in the form of Reliquaries... Here's the new style I'll be sharing with the soldering newbies! Can't WAIT to fire up the soldering irons and turn out some amazing new soldering artists... oooh and Gina tells me that she's JUST EXPANDED her classroom space... so exciting to know that some little spot is just that sweet!

Stay tuned... I have two other special things in the works both are about giving, sharing and staying open to the possibilities...

bIg lOvE!



Oooooh BLoGgEE love!