Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Never know what you're gonna git...

You NEVER know what your day will hold... I started off the day in a frenzy of tidying and prepping so that realtors could show the house today... getting the old dog tucked away so she'd be comfortable with strangers in the house and gathering the little one to bring with me... she'd never let the new people have "her" house! Drop off glasses to this friend, planning to meet up with another friend, leave books at the library, see my Dad for just a minute to deliver the little dog and then to Tangerine... to work on this little project that I'm really hoping to pull together today blah blah blah blah... GOODNESS!

And then... Ahhhhh.... Tangerine... Gina was giddy and glowing with post Alice In Wonderland fantasy world inspiration... I had my ideas pretty solidly formed for my chandelier that I started last week... so to the table we went with our goodies waiting for us...

And then they started pouring in... first Chelise with stories of a new job and redoing her studio... then our lovely and talented friend, Iva Wilcox, came with her satchel of watercolors and drawings of pumpkins and an appetite... so the 4 of us headed off for lunch where we ate and laughed and listened to stories of kids going off to college and funny husband chatter... we laughed so hard I think the rest of the restaurant patrons were curious what we were up to!

Back to Tangerine we went where there was a little business to tend to... it is a business, you know?!? :) 
Later Traci popped in to say hi and give us just a little more inspiration... and then Vivian came in with a story of how her youngest had decided on her college of choice! Fun, Celebrations, Silliness all in a day's work! 

Oh Yes! 

Work... I did get some done...

Just as I was leaving for the day I finished my project.

I'll get some better detail pictures when I have "good light"... being the "Sharer" that I am...

I really enjoyed doing this project... I have ideas for a fairy chandelier AND a mermaid chandelier... what will I come up with next... maybe old toys... tin toys... cars? trucks? gosh who KNOWS!

I love the way that I'm spending this time with other artists in our community. One benefit is getting other's input on overcoming technical difficulty... y'know like... how am I going to dangle this thingamagiggee from this other thingamagiggee or what color do you use for flesh tones in *your* palette? or which are the BEST pens for line drawings on water color paper... on and on the list goes...

Artists are so good at overcoming obstacles, working with what we have, making good outta ordinary. I think our current climate brings out the best of these qualities and shows just what we're made of... 

I'm loving it!
Started the day in frenzy... finished the day totally satisfied.
Finding Peace in the moment and just diggin' it ALL!


  1. Julie, such a wonderful blog post, I could feel your joy and totally agree that when artists get together there is such magic :)
    french blessings,
    PS. that chandelier is sooo cool!

  2. Oh so very cool! Love the way it turned out. Love that I thought that Iva had just been on an LSD trip - and that we both were worried that she was baking some cookie-spinach-lasagne. Oh, and my tongue is nearly recovered from its third degree burns. Phew! See you soon Dear... xoxo

  3. muuuuuuuuuuu-aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! sogoodtoseeyaZ2day!! LoVe tha' chandi!! xoxo.

  4. Just super cute and fun!!! Can't wait to see more pics!!!!

  5. It was fun hanging out yesterday! I'm always up for food, friendship, lots of laughs and plenty of art. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Your chandelier is amazing! It must have been an exciting moment when it all came together.


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