Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Art Camp for Brave Girls!

Spring break in Orinda, CA comes the first full week of April. This year instead of getting poison oak I thought I'd have an art camp! WAAAY MORE fun, right???

Well, they seem to agree! 

This time, however, is going to be a much more SERIOUS ART CAMP because, we're SERIOUS artists... can't you tell?

Well, those are the serious artist faces! 

This time its just for the girls... sorry guys...

We're making a GRRRRRRL 'Zine all filled with what inspires the girls the most... 
they'll get to make art, write poetry and songs, interview their friends as well as a local celebrity, discuss the top trends in fashion, music and literature. 

We figure that grammar school aged girls are interested in other grammar school age girls so why not strike up a fun connection with other girls around the globe!?! We'll be publishing the piece so that each camper gets a copy PLUS we'll be putting a few extra copies in the Del Rey Library as well as a few other libraries!  

As always, our day will be loosely structured with the flow being Create, Snack/Socialize, Adventure Time, More Creating, Clean Up before Pick up

I have a few spots still open. The camp runs April 5 - 9, 9:30 - 12:30 each day. The cost is only $200 and everything is included!

For your entertainment... here's How to Fold an 8 page Zine from just one piece of paper:

Email for registration:
julee @ heartcollective.com

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