Monday, February 11, 2008

Kid's art and play space

Hooray! Hooray for Lexee Shea!!!

When we weren't busy folding CRANES, Lexee's Daddy and I reorganized the kiddo's "fun room" this past weekend. She has most of the stuff she always had, but now she can find specific things with ease. This morning she found her Halloween costume from 2 years ago - bat princess, of course! - and has been flitting around looking perfectly thrilled to be dressed from head to toe in black, red and SPARKLE!

An amazing side affect of doing this work is that we are having so much more fun around here.

I still haven't shared pix of my new art space. I'm still waiting for tables and chairs for the "classroom" part of the space, but the closet is divine and the gallery space is coming right along! We'll have the big unveil after a big more shopping!

Stay tuned and a MILLION thanks to Marcey Smith-Donnelly for all the help putting this artist's studio into the realm of the professional! I never would have made the leap without her professional assistance.


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