Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Has SPRUNG

How can you tell its spring here? Well, the squirrels have found the bird seed and the Wisteria is in full bloom - breathe it in, but try not to sneeze! :) aaah, aaah, CHOOOOOO!

The Herrmann's have now fully recovered - every last one of us was sick in succession last week starting with Lexee's trip to ER and ending with my whining on the sofa. Luckily it was just Sunday through Friday night because starting Saturday morning we died 70 eggs - BIG GIANT FUN!!!, made cup cakes, made mosaic stepping stones with Grammy, had two egg hunts, planted 'maters and strawberries, had the family dinner and caught up on laundry! PHEW!!!

Today is the day that I finally get to work on two projects for the ZNE design team. I have a collage sheet from Chelise's ZNE Store and a few collage sheets from Charming SAM... talk about Charming!!! I think this gives me just what I need to finish one of my shrines AND make a few necklaces...

How can you tell its spring?

Frolic in the Wisteria blossoms, anyone???


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