Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tattoos, Brownies and Pumpkins OH MY!

If there is anything that I have learned from teaching art to kids it is that its all about the supplies! Just kidding! Of COURSE its all about the time you spend with them and letting them do their thing while you bask in the "wow, this is so FUN!" it never gets old *FOR REAL*!

I love to take the chances given by volunteering at our elementary school to hear this over and over... I get my chance again this week... today its the Brownies who will be making Spoooooooky tiny pumpkins...

That said, if there is another thing that I've learned about making art with kids its that there is nothing they love more than Sparkle Mod Podge, Tattoos and Halloween so this should be fun!

Check it out... all you need to make these crafty little creepies is

Sparkle Mod Podge
Decorative Papers

Tattoo'd Creepy
Apply your tattoos to your pumpkins just like you would to your kiddo and then once dry Mod Podge over them to keep them from scratching off AND to give them a little extra Sparkle!

Quaint Creepy
Apply decorative papers in punched out shapes or torn bits of your favorite papers using the Mod Podge as your decoupage medium.

Do lots and lots of them as they look great filling up a dish AND they're so fun you won't be able to stop yourself anyways!



  1. My, what a fun and super attractive blog you have!
    Seriously, the pumpkins look super fun!!!! When my sister was pre-school age she used to cry over the grossness of the pumpkin guts, if only she would have had this method instead of old fashioned carving!

  2. why thank you eveah so much for much for your kind comment, ms. ali! i can't IMAGINE how you eveah noticed a change ;)

    All kidding aside they were really fun. The tattoo ones were a little addicting... I think I put about 10 tattoos on that one little teeny tiny pumpkin! And the "quaint" pumpkins... I want to do some big ones with those... I have these AWESOME scary skull napkins that are going to make some SPOOK-tacular decopage material!

    Thanks for coming by and checking things out today! :)


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