Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Honored, Priveleged and PLEASED

Aphrodite Shrine (closed)
Originally uploaded by Julee Herrmann

You never know when two things will collide to open new opportunities. Nearly two years ago I did these ATC shrines as part of an online class... I loved them, the participants loved them and now all but this last one have found new homes...

Well, today, I received an email from my friend and founder of ZNE, Chelise Stroud Hery. It was a call for teachers to do make and take projects for the fabulous 2nd Annual ZNE Convenzione. After attending this year and having a BLAST I just new I wanted to be involved again in 2009 so I filled in the form, submitted it and BAM! I'm honored privileged and PLEASED to announce that I get to teach Regalo Per Mi event during Convenzione!!!

Thanks, Chel!

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