Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Ornies at Luna's

Saturday I arrived at Luna's Memories in Half Moon Bay to an excited group of would be soldering fiends!!! These ladies were on fire! What a great time we had... I got to torture them with Halloween-ish Trivia and they got to make ornaments or in their case... jewelry!

This lady... yeah, the one with the soldering iron... says that she's KNOWN by my favorite artist and teacher (that's Michael deMeng for those of you who are new at this HeArt thing! ;) as "The Student who WILL NOT work with power tools" apparently she's coming around and by the next time he's in town she's SURE to be using a Dremel tool!

Here are some of the other students and their offerings... how fab are these pieces???

We had so much fun... this was a neat group of women and by the end of the day everyone FINALLY figured out "What America's first wrapped penny candy was"... FREE COLLAGE SHEET to the first person with a right answer! :)

I'm so proud of them all... I hope they all go and get set ups so that they can keep on paintin' with metal!

Way to go ladies!!!


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