Monday, May 17, 2010

Catching up... and exciting Announcements!

We had a winner for GREEN! 
It was our friend from HomeSteading Apartment, have a peek at her FUN blog!

I've been having a BLAST showing all of you how to decorate a cake with the fun and versatile ProvoCraft tools that make the decorating look professional in NO time at ALL! I made this whimsical cake with my Gypsy and the Cricut Cake and a few frosting sheets... I have NEVER decorated a cake before playing with these cool cool tools! Now, I've got the fever!!! Who needs a cake? Did I mention I don't bake *sigh* Oh well! I'll just get a sheet cake from the bakery and GET MY CRAFT ON!!!

My drawing/painting lessons are ongoing with the lovely and talented SuziBlu... she has been so encouraging and the community there is super supportive! I'm using those skills plus my crafty GENIUS to come up with a whole new line of GOODIES! I don't have all of the kinks worked out, but here's a sneaky-peak

These are going to be too cute! And just the right size to hold all of your favorite GOODIES!!!

We had a standing room ONLY class at Tangerine last weekend - these darling pieces are the product of my lovely, sweet and super talented friend and partner in crime, Vivian Young-McDonald! 

She and I have been making journal after journal after journal and have something SPECIAL in the works! For now I'll just say we'll be putting together our two loves journalling and soldering... that should get the juices flowing~

Last but not least! I have a fun announcement to make:

Connie Andrews of Connie's Dream has opened a studio on the Coast in Half Moon Bay! A place to come together to learn AND PLAY!!! I'm so excited to have been invited back to the Coastal community filled with supportive artists and colorful humans! 

I'll be teaching the very popular workshop fit for beginning students and veterans alike:

House Shaped Pretties

Saturday June 19th
Noon - 4pm

Learn to solder or bring your skills let's have some fun with House Shaped Pretties! This class was sold out recently and the participants LOVED bringing images and ephemera from their own families to personalize their projects. Kits will, as always, be provided with plenty of inspiring goodies to get you started. You'll need your basic kit of glue, scissors, and glitter plus any of your favorite things that you cannot craft without. If you have a soldering kit, bring that too. If you only have your smile bring that and we'll get you set up!


First Register by emailing me
julee @ heartcollective . com
or give me a call

Second Gather your friends and your favorite tools

Then Come to:
Connie Andrews Art Studio
103-1 Harvard
Princeton, CA



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  1. Oh my gosh! Look at all the goodies today! Your work is very inspirational (: Just wanted to say thank you for the bundle of green that was a welcome surprise in my mailbox (: So many things to get the creative juice flowing!! Thanks again!



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