Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fields of Mustard

St. Helena was the destination for our family's recent mini vacation. We have been enjoying little midweek day trips now and then. Having so much natural beauty at our doorstep is one of the best reasons for living here in the Bay Area. We packed up the Herrmann's and headed out of town and into wine country. It was a gorgeous day to be Californians!

Mustard is in bloom in the fields right now and its AHhhhh-mazing! It was as though a little drop of sunshine shattered into a bazillion pieces and each blossom is filled with it... filled up. Bursting with the joy of knowing its potential and LIVING it!

Have a peek:

Lexee told me these were her favorite bugs...
especially the grey one!
My very own pollinator! 

Mmmmmmmm talk about potential!

Handsome, Mister Herrmann


Kid's got an eye!

So much mustard!

Everywhere you looked... Mustard Fields Forever!


  1. St Helena is such a nice place to wonder around. Fun day!!

    1. We also found a really cool shop downtown and yummy cookies and cappuccinos! It was a charming town with gorgeous buildings and a lovely sunny Winter day...



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