Monday, November 24, 2008

Majik & Onyx

Originally uploaded by Julee Herrmann

Late last Spring we noticed that one of our furry buddies hadn't been seen for a few hours... no worries, that guy, Onyx, had many tales to tell of adventures near and far, but pretty soon a few hours turned to a few days and then a few days to a few weeks.

We had started holding the other cat a little closer. Onyx's little brother, Majik... nearly feral in behavior he was the only one you could hold, but like any cat it was 100% on his terms and just when you'd get comfortable he'd let you know he was still in charge with a mean little nip. He was scared to be in the house typically and would hide under the bed, but once his brother had gone missing he turned much sweeter. He would come in the house, but only if we left the door wide open so he could leave at any time. When Lexee would be off at school and the dogs were fast asleep he'd sneak up into my studio and sit by my stool and pet my leg with his paw... I knew that he missed his brother.

We couldn't figure out where his brother could be... had he taken up residence at one of the neighbor's cozier cottages? Was he stuck in someone's garage? And then one night at dinner Majik had just slipped outside... I heard a terrible sound and we never saw him again. As I pleaded with the neighbors to let us know if they had seen him I started getting stories of coyotes sneaking around in the dusk... I had no idea being a girl from the suburbs, that we could be in danger of having that happen. After 3 years of living in the hills we'd never even seen a coyote...

Well, a few months ago, one of my neighbors reported having found evidence of my cats' demise... its not good, but it was only evidence of one cat. Last week I had to tell the vets that I didn't know if we'd see them again. They were sad, but not surprised.

Last night I dreamed that my favorite brother, Mike, brought Majik back... meowing so loudly... it really seemed real. Then this afternoon I got a sympathy card in the mail from the vet and it just brought home the truth of the situation.

Our cats have been gone now for 6 months and its really time to say good bye...

The picture above is of Majik on Easter Morning following Lexee on her Easter Egg hunt... he liked to go on hikes with her through our woods...


  1. Oh my God, Julee, this is so sad. Poor cats. I'm so sorry! You don't let your dogs out, do you? Jeez! Do coyotes only roam at night, or in daytime too?

    I had come over to let you know that I've passed on a blog award to you. It's on my blog, here:


  2. What a sad time for your family Julee. I have cats that are inside cats - I live on the main drag in our neighborhood. Behind my house is a natural area - green area - set aside for no development. We have coyotes back there. Sometimes at night you can hear them howling. Teenagers often try to party in the woods and had left unopened beer, which the coyote pups found and had quite a time with. We had drunk coyotes.
    Serena asked about when they come out. Coyotes usually sleep during the day and when the sun goes down they start to hunt. They hunt in pairs or more and like small animals, birds, etc. Leaving food out around your house is a no no also bringing your animals in at night is advised if you live in an area where they roam. Most coyotes do not like dogs. Unfortunately, the more we encroach on the wild life habitat the more we pay for it in smaller ways. The loss of your cats is just sign of how this animals have adapted.
    The coyote has really adapted to urban life.
    I think I would be devastated if this happened to one of my furry friends. I am feeling your pain. I think not knowing "for sure" is very hard. There are not enough words to say how sorry I am for your loss.


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