Thursday, December 4, 2008

Country Livin'

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Now, some of you who are familiar with the Bay Area may disagree about whether Orinda could be considered "the country" or not, but when my Dad was City Kid coming to Orinda was called "going to the country" and frankly its as close as I'll likely EVER get and let me tell you why.

We have deer in our yard nearly every day and we LOVE them! Our yard is all natural and is backed by about 5 acres of protected, unfenced land. We have owls, raccoons, skunks, crazy squirrels, tons of birds that we feed from our "sky deck" plus those coyotes I told you about recently. We have an amazing view that allows us to see all the way to the North bay on a clear day. We have quiet nights filled with the sounds of the California Choral frogs and the most amazing Sunset filled living room you've ever seen!

We get to have concerts since no one minds the occasional noise - especially since we invite the neighbors! Jon Troast will be performing in our living room tonight, but more on that later... this is a post about country livin'...

Where was I? Oh yeah, we have a rustic home all wood clad and cozy not to mention wonder filled adventures into our own backyard. We are turning out a little girl who loves pink and nail polish, science, reading, art and BUGS (not my personal fave, but so what, you may be saying... read on). This is a kid whose favorite shoes are red suede boots and they're all muddy from her adventures! This is also a kid who LOVE adventures... where am I going with this...? Well, another lovely part of nature is TICKS and can you guess what I was doing to the screaming bug loving adventure girl at 5:30 this morning???

I'll leave out most of the gory details, but let's just say that a braid can be a cozy home for the little creeps! For some reason, I have become Herrmann House's de-ticker and I am so heebed out I cannot even tell you except to say that 5 and a half hours later I'm telling YOU about it!!!

Heeeeeebeeeee JeeeeeebeeeeeSSSS!

I'll take that apartment in the city now, honey!


  1. oh julee girl, i feel ya! I've never had to remove a tick and my stomach turns at the thought...hang in there.

  2. Oh, the poor sweetie! And, poor you, having to remedy that. But what a wonderful place to live that sounds like! Heavenly, regardless of coyotes and (eeewww) ticks. xoxo Serena

  3. Hi Jul. What a cute, sweet little daughter you have - great pic of her all dolled out in pink. She sounds like a great adventurer. And hey, I used to love and play with bugs when I was a tomboy kid, even spiders. Now it makes me cringe! I made a "pet" out of large green catterpiller, until it got squashed by a bicycle. I even cried about that.

    Your home and environment there sounds country enough to me. It sounds lovely, and I envy you, living here in metro Denver. It's city all the way. Your place sounds like a refuge, except for the ticks.



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