Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New YEAR!!!!

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A week later, but bright wishes, for a fantastic year nonetheless! I am a bit late coming to the party - FASHIONABLY LATE - right??? I am so excited about a few things that are upcoming this year. One of them is the "New Gallery" in my life.

I'm being juried for a fantastic local gallery that I'm really fortunate to be considered for. They want to see my 3D work which I've only really ever shown at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek,CA in a show last year that was well attended and even sold my work to a lady in southern California.

I wanted to show them a few of my Feng Shui Shrines and some of my "reliquary" type work. I started messing around with some of the things I hadn't put away since their arrival in December and I suddenly got that desk clearing burst of inspiration. When I say "desk clearing" I don't mean in that neatly putting things away where they belong way... I mean, shove-the-other-stuff-aside-pile-up-on-the-floor-hope-it-doesn't-fall-off-the-loft-hurry-up-get-out-of-my-muse's-way - Way.

I'd show you the finished piece, but Mr.HeArtCollective took the camera with him today... THE NERVE! :)

Above is what one of them looked like before I soldered it yesterday...

SO FUN!!! I have a bunch more to compose and shoot...

I have a great picture of Lexee and her cousin "Hank" while we were on THE GREAT MOSS GATHERING Expedition, but its stuck in the camera driving around the Bay Area with my husband... again THE NERVE!

More to come...

Happy creating...xoxo jul


  1. Hey, Jul! I'm loving all of it! Such cool work, as ever! HUGS, Marilyn

  2. Hi there! I really can't remember how I found your blog... But I've been checking out all your art and I wanted to tell you that I LOVE IT. I have been trying my hand at altered art and found object stuff... I make fun things (not nearly as beautiful as yours!! I need more practice/training!) - but I don't always have the time. Sometimes I put down the glue in favor of the pen and then forget to pick the glue back up. In fact, I haven't used my glue in quite a few months. Maybe I can steal some of your creative energy (or borrow?) and get started again...

    Gorgeous stuff!


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