Friday, July 31, 2009

Prayers and Love and Light = Progress

7/31 AM Update

Posted 5 hours ago

No longer forward nor behind
I look in hope and fear;
But grateful take the good I find,
The best of now and here.
--- John G. Whittier

Good morning west coasters...
It's the start of another beautiful day in CA and I know a beautiful sunny day in Florida.

Stacey enjoyed some good sleep last night, but gets to wake up to another procedure. The amazing Dr Canabal is leading the transplant ICU team and found that Stacey had some fluid in the bottom of one of her lungs. At this time they are suctioning it out, which should make her feel better and give her some breathing relief since she'll have more capacity.

ALL of her chemistry is tracking well; this new liver is happy. As we all know, a happy liver means a happy body.

We hope and pray for peace and strength for Stacey; for her to push this new form of her body as far as it should go. We hope that she will continue to make progress with her breathing and physical therapy. It is so important for her to now take time off the ventilator and to do physical therapy and walk. The poor thing is so tired and weak, but strong willed and tenacious.

Let's all take a moment to picture Stacey again at that beautiful beach staring at Lake Tahoe. Let's picture her basking in the glory of the sunshine and leaping up, body pink and healthy, and walking... no running... down the beach incredibly free, strong and happy!

Blessed be!

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