Monday, March 15, 2010

Houses, Baubles, Trinkets, Mother's Day and YOU, YOU, YOU!

Today it dawned on me that I have pretty much NO free time between now and oh forever... I have so much going on in the next few months and I'm really excited to get started. I've had a small break from teaching the wee ones at the local elementary school to do a few little things for myself and now its time to get the teaching thing going again!

If you happen to be local and are interested in any of the following classes let me know and I'll see if there is a spot available... some are for the kiddos and some are for the "grown ups".

This Saturday March 20 2pm - ??? is going to be all about Dreaming Big... this isn't really a class as much as it is an open invitation to my friends and students to come and play... to get painty, gluey, glittery all in the name of our CRAZIEST IDEA THAT WE'D LOVE TO HAVE ACTUALIZED!
Bring your favorite scissors, images, glitter, and anything you just cannot craft without!

The sad thing is that I have no picture of grown up silliness (*sniff*)

I'm inserting a picture of our little kid silliness instead

I'm sure we looked SOMETHING like that and still do on the inside! ;)
Let me know if you'd like to attend and I'll send you my address!
In the Orinda Studio: March 21st - May 8th 9:30 - 11:30am $200
Sunday starts a 7 week series of classes with pre-schoolers! Yep, Preschool Mermaids... can you imagine ANYTHING cuter??? (we'll be hunting eggs instead on Easter Sunday - no class!)

We'll be doing some fun things that let the kids just explore and express!

April 10th 12 Noon - 4pm $65
Craft Soldering Class at Tangerine - the Sweetest place in Dublin!
(this is mostly adults but if you're over 12 you're welcome!)
Beginners & Not-so-beginners-welcome!
Bring your tools if you have them, but remember I do have a few set ups to be shared...

You're invited to bring copies of your favorite family images or use some of mine! Bits of flat ephemera are stunning in these pieces!
In the Orinda studio: Spring Break Art Camp $200
April 5th - April 9th 9:30 - 12:30 
Mermaids & Warriors

We will be publishing
More about that here

May 8th 12 Noon - 4pm $65
Jill's Class! (others also welcome!)
Craft Soldering Class at Tangerine - the Sweetest place in Dublin!
(same deal - this is mostly adults but if you're over 12 you're welcome!)
Beginners & Not-so-beginners-welcome!
Bring your tools if you have them, but remember I do have a few set ups to be shared...
This class will be a little special... In celebration of Mother's Day you'll get to choose between a Bauble... or two

or a Trinket or two

Or my favorite choice... One of each!!!!
Both are regularly requested and make lovely gifts (for yourself or a Mom you *heart*) 
Let me know your choice when you sign up so I can have enough of everything! 


Besides that...
You can...come and play during the day, during the week!

Wednesday and Thursday appointments are available in Dublin at Tangerine... want to brush up on your soldering? I'll be there with solder on! :) Are you interested in making fabric cuffs? That's on the slate, too!

There are also studio spots open some Tuesdays and some Fridays in Orinda where you pretty much get to call your project and come by and play for 3 hours while the kiddo is away at school



Don't forget your Mom... I'd love to make her a custom piece of memory jewelry... could be a charming bracelet or an amazing pendant!

After all of that... I think it will be time to go swimming and sketch in the shade and sip ice tea and pack all of our house into boxes and move into our new place... 

In the mean time...
Of course, I'll still be doing my weekly updates from our Tangerine projects, so....
Let's get our CRAFT ON!!!


Tangerine's Address is
7038 Village Parkway
Dublin, CA
To reserve your spot you can call the shop or email me and we'll make the arrangements!


  1. AWESOME classes - some very lucky moms are going to be getting some gorgeous gifts!!

  2. Oh how I would love to attend any and all soldering classes. I'm a tad puzzled as to where everything is held. Would love to have many more details.
    visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com


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