Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just in time... what a GIFT!

Have you ever noticed how things come in 3s? Hints... Clues... Inspirations...

Have you ever noticed how things show up just when they're supposed and not a moment too soon?

Have you ever noticed how what we need is always there for us if we slow down to take it in?

I do.


When I'm slow enough... quiet enough and READY... right now I'm slowing down for a little R&R that's Restoration and Reclamation. Cleaning house, taking inventory and restocking... figuratively speaking AND literally speaking, as well. I'm taking Melody Ross's Brave Girl's Club Soul Restoration online course.

Just when I was ready and able a workshop that I've been aware of (that I even recommended to several friends) came back into my awareness on the very last day of sign ups... so of course I had to take the leap and so far I've been savoring each little piece as I take it in... like cool water on a hot day... that deep sigh of relief and gratitude washing over you that just makes you have to say Ahhhhhh right out loud... yeah... that's me right now. Deeply grateful and so relieved.

Have a peek at the treat we were given today... anyone that knows Melody Ross knows that there is theme of birds and cages and well... I just thought this was an interesting parallel. Check it out...

This is not the gift :)
This is a gift we gave my Mom
on her birthday a few years ago...
please note the little bump
in the bottom of the cage

This is the underside of the bump

This is a close up of the underside
of the bump...any guesses?

Here's a weird picture of the side of the bump

Is that not the tiniest nest
you have ever seen?

Seriously so cool! What magnificent craftsmanship!!!

Absolutely inspiring...

It turns out that over the last few days the humming birds that my Mom has been watching through her bedroom window have been hard at work 

At first she saw one come a look at the cage... and then inspect the clothes pin dolls... and then bring a friend... apparently more than a friend *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* I hope they keep coming back... its bound to be a beautiful Spring watching this pair show us how to make a cozy home... feathering our nests and getting things just the way we like. 

P.S. Who ever heard of a wild bird putting herself INTO a decorative cage? Especially when there are several protected areas around the yard...

What a treasure.

Now... go get your craft ON! 


  1. hi julie! popping over from brave girls club! love the bird cage! i believe that certain things happen to us at certain times for special reasons, as well as people coming into our lives at various times! what an inspiring post!
    hope you are having a great sunday! xoxo

  2. This is so amazing!!! Thank you for sharing! At first I thought YOU crafted it into the cage. How very astonishing. For me it also means that if you don´t make yourself too big, you can see freedom in every cage!


  3. Absolutely precious! And so tiny and perfect - I love your description - your Mom must be in seventh heaven. They are the most beautiful little creatures. How I hope she gets to witness the eggs, the hatching...please keep us informed and thanks for posting this!


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