Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday! Featuring Gary Reef

The first Tutorial Tuesday I shared with you how I have done altered dominoes... a fun and flexible little show and tell. People have used that tutorial to build etsy shops and spring boarded themselves into a new realm from one simple single sheet with a few steps. Fun, sweet and simple, but just wait until you see what we have in store this week...

Ok, so, this time I thought I'd stick with the artist for this week and show some crazy cool tutorials from artist Gary Reef. If you missed the interview with him and the chance to enter the drawing to win some of his ATC's click here and have a read.

If you already had a peek at Mr. Mixed Media, as I've tagged him, then you'll know that you need to see more! :)

Here are a few of his most popular techniques videos:

This video is SO COOL! Its a few years old, but still completely relevant to the mixed media world. He teaches us how to reuse artworks in a totally new way through transferring images to wood! And you can see that Gary's signature laid back style is in effect... Lines like "you can use a little sand paper if you want, but you don't have to..." just go to show that he's sharing how he works without imposing himself onto the viewer.

Check this out!

Oh and I found these on Gary's Loving Mixed Media site where he shares TONS of his favorite videos on how to grow in your work... If you haven't seen and read about his bubble technique on the LMM site then you're a few pages behind... catch up! Play!!! In this video he shows us all about his marbling technique... tres chic! :)

Last I want to share with you the very freshest of the Gary crop ;)

This just came up today and its more in the fashion of a Gary Reef Rant - my FAVE! This one is about the value of SHOCK!

Rockin' our way through the week - AUZZEE style!



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