Wednesday, January 26, 2011

walk on the wild side wednesday - Normandy or Berkeley?

How do you give yourself the gift of

Artistic breaks




There is a cool neighborhood near us in Berkeley right by the campus of UC Berkeley that is known as "Little  Normanday". It is tucked just up a little side street and if you didn't know of this hidden gem you would just never guess it was there. Look for Spruce Street in North Berkeley if you're inspired enough to get out.

Leave it to Clan Herrmann to not only find it on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, but to also find a charming local/historian to give us a private tour of the courtyard of his building.

We felt as though we had slipped back in time somewhere in Europe as we strolled through the neighboring buildings that had boast of both French Country and Brittany beauty.

We were ready to move in... 

So inspiring... its no wonder houses are showing up in my work!

Now, go GET your CraFt On!!!

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