Saturday, January 15, 2011

Walking On Sunshine... no not the 80's song!

Inspiration: Walking in Winter Sunshine

One of the best ways to refill the creativity tank, refuel our lives and refresh outlooks is a swift walk... anywhere... it doesn't have to be the country. It doesn't have to be the City. It doesn't have to be the beach. It can be that tree covered hillside or snow filled glen.

Here's a snap shot of our walk:

The blue of the sky, the green of the moss and the hillside the grey and brown and black. The way the branches break up the scenery... this was a beauty filled spot. 

Oh the minutia... I think I'm moving in.

The golden oranges that I usually associate with summer time were waiting until Winter to be embraced.

And one rainbow, solar flare, monkey tree climbing girl... 

What's inspiring you today?

Go Get YOUR cRaFt on!

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