Monday, February 28, 2011

Comic book collector and face sketcher, Alan Angeles

Artist Alan Angles
Facebook is good for reconnecting with people from your past and people from your family, but for me its also great for connecting with people who are as obsessed by art as I am! This week's artist is just one example of another soul out there in the Universe who sketches faces in his spare time... have a peek at Alan Angeles a freelance artist from Mexico City currently living in Los Angeles.

When you think about your first inkling of being an artist is there a story that comes to mind? 
I think it has to be with cartoons and video games back when I was a kid. We never had money for those types of things so I would go to my friend (neighbor) to play with his Super Nintendo. I remember playing this game called "Street fighter" and I was amazed of how I can control the character. I would pause the game and try tho draw the pose of the characters. Till this day I
 remember my horrible scribles and countless hours on that old T.V my friend had.


How/ where do you work best and when? Any stories connected with how that works for you?
I think I'm at my best alone. I would always draw alone when I
 was a kid or sometimes with my older brother. I never got used to the fact that someone is looking at an unfinished work. Lot's of coffee!!

For Bernice

Will you share with our readers about how you get the juices flowing, where you draw your daily inspirations from and or overcoming the inner critic?
I think I get my inspiration from either other artists or just life. I like to better myself and always try to think of how I can try to better myself. I tend to go to my favorite local cafe and just look around for the common everyday lives we are surrounded with. It sounds pretty poetic, but I try to simplify my life by analyzing my skills as well as my life. I think I'm my worst critic!! I am never satisfied with what I see. Some people say it's a problem, but I see it as a healthy thing because it makes you improve all the time.

Art on a PostIt Note

Are there any artful challenges that you overcame that inspired you to move in a new direction?
I think the biggest challenge for me as art goes would be comparing myself with amazing talented artists. I think it's a good and a bad thing at the same time. Bad becausee I over stress my self. Good because I get competitive and thats always a great thing. Not only you better yourself but you make friendly rivals like me and my friend (he is amazing). That gets me a big push! I feel amazing seeing how far I have come to be head to head with other amazing artists. I always keep that in mind!

How do you market yourself? Do you have a marketing or press package? If you have an "elevator spiel" or "cocktail party" response to "So, what do you do?" that inspires people to want to know more, will you share it with our readers?
I feel like my art is not well develop yet so I think it's a bit premature to start marketing myself. I'll work hard to get to that point where I know I'm ready.

pen and ink female
What's up for you in 2011 - anything you'd like to share? Photos? Videos? Promos?
Lot's of work and school I'll try to make a blog or try to be more active in the internet. I just haven't had the chance to be active in that perspective. 

pen and ink male
Is there anything you collect?
I feel like a hoarder!!! I collect comic books! vintage nicknacks. I'm trying to collect vinyl's of my favorite jazz bands and song writers.

Wow...I am definitely feeling inspired by this interview. Thanks Alan for sharing your history and portfolio with us and PLEASE keep going!

Now, go get your CRAFT on!!!


  1. I find it amazing how much you're art and perspectives have changed since the first day I met you, You're continuously improving and honing your skill, I cant wait to see your work a year from now.

  2. Excellent seeing his work, now I'm a fan too!


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