Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sharing my Passion is a Dream Come True!

Making things brings me peace in the moment

Start Where You Are... is my motto...
you're not behind...
you're just where you are meant to be
Finding new outlets for creativity brings me joy!

Sharing that passion for creating is a thrill

The little details come into focus with a little help

Making your own dreams come to light

Brings sparkle and delight!

Online course which starts March 1st will be ongoing
 so you'll have plenty of time to take the lessons and 
receive help along the way.

Make your own pretties

This is my little one soldering when she was 5

Here are some ladies having soldering lessons

Finished piece by Ali

Pretty details

Come play at Creative Workhops! More information click here


  1. I just love the pretties!!! Great post and I love the way your passion for your Art shows! Do it in color!

  2. I am looking forward to learning this technique at Hip Chick Designs on April 6th! The mini capsules are intriguing, can't wait to see what I put in mine!

  3. That's what its all about? right? fun and expression and silly and passion!

  4. I love the captions here. And the workshop looks fantastic too!

  5. Hi Julee, love your blog! I also love to solder! Would you be willing to share with me where you find your curved glass? Either way, thank you.



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