Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walk on the WildSide Wednesday

true story... i have so many fabulous photos from our recent outing that after going through and only choosing my very very faves... i have 63 flagged... i think i'll just be sending those on over to the flickr click here so that people can see how beautiful berkeley and san francisco are... even if you already know... you forget quickly... i know i do... and my people's people's people are from here and still i forget...

you know i have to share SOME inspiration though...
Berkeley Goddess

Rainy day walk in the park

City by the Bay

Mark Hopkins

China Town

Wind in my Hair

Things are lookin' up!

Way up!

No words... only bliss

Focal point

Beach party

You left your heart in San Francisco

Come back soon!

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  1. Fabulous! Its always easier to appreciate the bay looking at it this way. Great photography Julee!


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