Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walk on the Wildside Wednesday - We're in the PINK and GREEN and Black and White and stuff

Sometimes when you go to Napa for your buddy's birthday you may be the one who is surprised! 
I never ever imagined that we would end up at a monastery... or that it would be the COOLEST place I ever seen in Napa... talk about inspiring, check these out!

I also wouldn't have guessed that Ali and I would end up taking the SAME pictures!

JC by Jul

JC by Ali
Ok, so they're not eXaCtLy the same, but darn close!

Frogs that chirp! 
I also would not have anticipated hearing frogs that sound like a bird!
I have no idea what that was, but the frogs were leaping out of the water and I SWEAR they were chirping! 

Such a trip!

Monastery - Hillside view

The Lady is definitely in the Pink

Lovely light
 Back in our East Bay dream land The People and I enjoyed a gorgeous walk in the misty clouds
Delicate and Fragile omen of the future

My field fairy, Queen Protector 
Those Eyes mean business
 And off to another monastery... 
This time the Buddhist Temple and in the rain its just that much more of a gift

Quan Yin and all that's GREEN

Fu Dog a keeper of the gate
There is definitely something that stirs in the soul this time of year... rebirth, renewing, growth and the cycle of life its all happening and its all happening, now. With everything that's happening in the world right now, our Spirits are absolutely on notice. Its a challenge to keep focused, stay positive and be BRAVE, but we are prepared to do what it takes. As one of my girlfriends would say "Its ON" 

Happy Spring!
Now go CRAFT something!

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  1. Yeah! Yeah!! Yeah!!! I love that place! It was a super fun trip!! And I have totally told everyone at work about the chirping frogs too. They were really quite interesting and funny. That should be someone’s team mascot, The Chirping Frogs!:)


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