Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I finished my Red Shrine for the Shrine Challenge I posted last month. Here's the thing... I knew that I NEEDED to make this project. I knew that Carol Owen's technique was going to work for me when my friend Robin told me about her book. However, I had NO idea that this was going to be one of my all time FAVORITE projects! I LOOOOOVE my shrine. I love finding that place where things fall together and just go so smoothly and I didn't think it was going to at first.

Now, the great unveiling is not until March 15th so I'm not going to reveal it just yet, but I will share some steps... just to be a little tantalizing. ;o) I'll tell the story of how it came together then, but for now...

This is the base or body of the shrine. This is how all of her shrines start.

This is the shrine body with a frame front - just testing.

I decided that it should have a door.

This is what the door looks like with the beginnings of the hinges. Now I've never done anything like this, but Carol's instructions are so clear it was totally straight forward.

Here is the door installed in the frame and can I just say that I LOOOOVE how the door works?!? These hinges work and are super cool! It reminds me of the Jacob's Ladder toys from when I was a kid.

That's it for now... I'm going to sign off before I show off too much... it really came together... I can't wait to see how everyone else's came together!


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