Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmastime Jon Troast Approved blog giveaway!

guests from the jon troast concert
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We have had so much fun over the last few days that I am going to require a major nap, but not until tomorrow!

Last Thursday we had, Jon Troast, our favorite musician come perform in our living room! A few of our friends came by with their kids and we all had dinner, music, a few drinks and a bunch of laughs! By the end of the evening my little brother Mike (sitting next to me in this picture!) declared Jon "...our generation's Bob Dillan"! Check him out by clicking on one of his videos in my video bar in the upper right corner of this page or by clicking on his name and going to his website where you can listen to a sampling of his music.  If you sign up for Jon's mailing list you get to download a whole list of songs for FREE!

We got some extra CD's to share with friends and family and I have hidden a few to give away here on my blog... Shhhhh, don't tell my husband, he'll try to keep them for "an extra set... you never know!"

We also had the Wheelhouse Brokers holiday party, the Lafayette Art Walk, Reliquaries to discuss AND a visit from Santa at my Mom's Christmas party! 


Lexee, being a true Gemini, showed Santa both her Naughty AND her Nice sides!!!

I'll be back soon with details of the HeArt Holiday Giveaway!

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