Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What was I just sayin'?!?

OMG... so there we were, there we were, there we were... we're in the car just fresh from the grocery store when I look at the kid in the review mirror and the slightest little SOMETHING looked weird about her smile... so of course, being the pushy overly involved Mom of an only child I say... let me see your teeth... Lex's response?  "I BRUSHED!" mind you this is at 4:00 in the afternoon of course she brushed 8 hours ago! 

All I noticed was some little fraction of an inch difference and I touched her tooth to point out to her what I was seeing and it wiggled!!!  Her eyes got huge and my heart sunk a little at the same time my excitement soared!  I totally remember that feeling of ooooh my tooth is loose!  

So, of course we came in the house and immediately forgot all about the groceries and proceeded to call Dad and Grammy to report the big news.. and then I realized... THIS COULD BE THE LAST TIME I SEE THAT BABY TOOTH FILLED GRIN!  Holy crap!  Must document, must have pictures, drag kid to light filled room and make her make faces! She couldn't help but wiggle the tooth and test it and fiddle with it... 

So FUN!  Grammy is making her some little fabulous something to put her tooth in so that the tooth fairy can collect it.  I wonder if the tooth fairy will let me make a reliquary with it! :)

All of the sudden I said to her... you know what this means,  don't you?  You're going to be a teenager ANY MINUTE NOW!!! She laughed and said... "not till all my teeth fall out!" we both started cracking up!  This one is sooooo funny! 

I tried to get her to sit still and let me take a macro picture of her mouth, but she had had enough and her friends were coming up the porch and could see me torturing the poor kid with the camera!!! So this was the last picture I got!  

Love the BABY! What was I just saying about growing up and the cycles of life and change and all of that???   *sniff*

I can't wait to see what the Tooth Fairy brings!!!

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  1. love the story and pics of your daughter..she reminds me of my 9yr old but he has a little face and big teeth..whilst my two youngest have the most cutest little baby teeth that they are always showing me after they have cleaned their teeth..dont forget to be the tooth fairy tonight!!


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!