Monday, October 12, 2009

Catch up GIRL!!!

Cozy fall love

Summer Time Learning and Teaching

Business Rolling Along

I spent the summer months playing with Mermaids and Gypsies. No, really its true! I learned so much from my friend and fellow Mermaid, McCabe, and shared it all with the local Mermaids... what a blast! More to share with the growing Mermaid population and I just can't wait to glue, splatter and roll all through the Winter months. My daughter's school has invited me to participate in their Enrichment Programs with two classes - Art Journalling meets Scrapbooking is in store for those kids! I've been inspired by my summer courses for sure, but Spilling Open has touched my mind, body and soul in a way that is just about to ooooooooze out the corners of everything I do! I SWEAR! We'll be painting on the walls (AGAIN) any minute now!!!

I learned some life altering portrait techniques from my new friend Suzi Blu... I can't wait to show those fun techniques to the Mermaids... can you imagine? Mermaids painting Gypsy style? Wreckless Abandon here we come! Thanksgiving week will be a new experience for SURE!

I am getting used to being the Mommy to a READING and COMPREHENDING 6 year old... ahhh the questions! Don't even get me started on how few answers I have! *blush*  I can hear her reading out loud as I type this. She's reading an anatomy book... I already KNOW that she's about to ask me all about inspiration and she doesn't mean the creative kind... she's reading about lung function! AT SIX!!!

And lately I've just been busy trying to keep up with myself! Lafaytte Gallery has agreed to carry my jewelry! YIPPEEEE!!! The charming Cami Walker has blessed me with as much soldering work as I can handle and my dear little-sister-friend Marcey who is opening two spas in the Bay Area has blessed me with as much cuff stitching work as I dare take on... I love it all... What a time we're having here at the HeArt studios!!!

And speaking of the studio its current state is *UPSIDE DOWN*. I'm spending today - a teacher work day - playing with Alexia, tidying up, stalking Facebook, and putting things back to rights in here!

Oh and did I mention that I got to teach some grown up mermaids on Saturday? Well, I did... we soldered little inchie charms - I was so out of step that I forgot to take any pictures, but we had a sold out crowd and everyone had FUN! I can't wait to do that again... I'm thinking that there will be a holiday ornament class at Daniela's in December! Think soldering meets, scrapbook paper, charms, family photos, AND chandelier crystals... oh yeah... you know you want some! :)


  1. What an adorable photo of your sweet little one and the family pet! So glad you had fun with all the ladies at Daniela's. Hope to see you soon!!

  2. Julee, just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU!!! for sharing your energy and amazing talent with us newbies at Daniela's on Saturday. I cannot wait to take more classes with you.

  3. i am panting just reading about all your busy-ness. Great update and yes, fantastic pictures! I love the pendents pictured ... where can one find these lovelies?

    go gently, stay in touch and keep rockin' it with the art classes ... you are inspiring me for sure!

    love Lis


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